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How to view the Mac/HW address of a ION meters with Ethernet Option?



How to view the Mac/HW address of a ION meters with Ethernet Option?
Product line:
ION 7300 serices
ION 7650 / 7550
ION 8300,8400,8500,8600,8650
Sometime it is necessary for a user to know the MAC address of the ION meters with Ethernet Option if they are behind a firewall and need to filter only specific meters to send and receive data over the network.
NOTE: MAC address is also called Hardware address.
There are two ways to find the MAC address of a meter.
Option 1:
MAC address can be found on meter labeling.

Option 2: 
From the front display of the meter. 
         For example, on ION 7650 : User can navigate through Netwrok Setup --> General. Here user can see Mac address for the meter. 
Option 3:
Following steps will explain how to find MAC address using the DOS command:
-Select 'Run' from Start
-type cmd
-In DOS prompt type TELNET XXX.XXX.XX.XX --> The meter IP address.
-Enter your meter name and password.
-Type "?" without the quotes to open the menu.
-Select 1.Ethernet settings from the menu.
-Select 1.Display current settings from the menu.
-This should give you the MAC address of the meter.
The MAC address is called ‘HW address’ as shown in screen shot below. 

For more information, review the document attached along the article.