What are the part numbers for the cables that are used in a front face connection with the SEPAM relays?



A user would like to know the part numbers for the cable that is used to communicate with a SEPAM relay using the front face connection and a computer

Product Line
SEPAM Series 20 ,40, 50, 80

SEPAM front face communication

A user would like to order a replacement cable to communicate with the relay

For the Old PS2 connection:
     The following 3 cables are needed for a front face connection to the SEPAM Relays.
     - CCA783 Cable for PC (RS232 connection) to relay connection
     - TSXCUSB232 USB/RS232 interface (CCA783 cord must be ordered separately)(USB to serial cable (CCA783) converter)

For the new Mini B to USB connection:
     -CCA784 Cable for PC to relay connection