Can I use the XW+ AGS as stand-alone?



 The Auto Gen Start is not designed for stand-alone operation. It does not function in a simple system containing only an Auto Gen Start and a generator. The Auto Gen Start requires several other components for configuration and operation.

Generator - The generator should have automatic starting capability. Some manufacturers of generators without this capability may sell an optional automatic engine control module that will simplify operation with the Auto Gen Start. The generator should also supply a Generator Run signal, which the Auto Gen Start uses to detect whether the generator is running. Some generator manufacturers refer to this signal as the hour meter signal or Switched B+.
NOTE : Firmware revisions 2.3 and later do not require a dedicated run signal, rather it uses the presence of AC (AC2 input) to verify the generator has started. Type14 does not monitor a run signal at all.

Control panel - A separate control panel is required to configure the Auto Gen Start and monitor generator starting and stopping activity. The control panel also provides real-time clock information for the Auto Gen Start Quiet Time and Exercise Time features.

Network power : The Auto Gen Start requires a Xanbus power supply to operate. Network power is carried by the network cables, and is supplied by the inverter/charger. As a device that draws network power, the Auto Gen Start consumes a maximum of 3 watts.
Start and stop triggers - The Auto Gen Start requires a source of start and stop triggers for automatic operation. These triggers can come from:
• Thermostat 12/24 V input.
• Battery voltage, state of charge, and inverter load status. This information is transmitted over the network by the inverter/charger.