What is an CFF fault on the ATV58 drives?



CFF fault on ATV58.

Product Line:

Altivar ATV58


Error probably caused by changing a card.

There are four CFF fault messages to troubleshoot.

-PWR RAT ERR-ENT: Change on the power board ratings, maybe someone changed out the power board.

-Option ERR, -ENT: Option board changed or they installed a new option board.

-Opt. Remove-ENT: Option card was removed.

-EEP CKS,-ENT: Saved configuration cannot be read. ENT button will prompt you to do a factory reset.

Other troubleshooting tips:

Check the J connections between the main control board and power board to see if they are loose or disconnected.

Reset the drive back to a factory default.

Check cooling fans to see if they are running. You might get CFF if the cooling fans are bad too. Just check them.

Reference manual VVDED397047USR8/02 page 96.