Can my XW+ inverter qualify an input of 120V/208V 60Hz?



XW+ inverters input parameters

The XW+ and XW inverters, either the XW6848, XW5548, XW6048, XW4548 or the XW4024, require an input of 120V/240V 60Hz. When the input is 120V/208V 60Hz, is going to be a three phase setup. The reason for this is because the XW+ and XW unit require a phase difference between line 1 (L1) and line 2 (L2) of 180 degrees, on a three phase setup, L1 and L2 are 120 degrees offset. This causes the inverter to not recognize the input at all. The inverter can only accept input from 120/208V wye source if you have 3 inverters (1 per phase), each "converted" to 120V, and then configured for 3-phase multi-unit operation.

Single Phase Diagram:

Three Phase Diagram: