What is the function of the Xanbus network terminator that is shipped with my XW+ series Inverter/Charger?



When "daisy-chaining" multiple Xanbus devices, there will always be an open port at either end of the network that must be terminated. If the network is not properly terminated, signal quality is degraded and performance on the network is reduced. Permanent configuration without terminators is not supported by Schneider Electric. For multi-unit installations, it may be necessary to verify all network cables are no shorter than 6.5 ft (2 m) to minimize network reflections, which can also lead to instability (devices drop off the network, or are named improperly, i.e. "Inv/Chg 00" instead of "XW6048-00".
XW Inv/Chg ships with (2) terminators, while other XW accessories like MPPT60/80, SCP, AGS, Combox, ship with (1) terminator.