How can I use the XW AUX PORT to control my Grid input?



 AUX Port Connection for AC Transfer Switch

  Since the XW does not have the ability to disconnect from a qualified source of AC, some installers may want to have an "LBX" feature (Low Battery Transfer) that only allows grid connection when the batteries are low, and then disconnect when they are at a pre-defined voltage. Essentially the AUX port will control an AC relay  (relay coil 12VDC up to 250mA) so the XW will be off-grid while the batteries are being charged by the Solar Charge Controller, and if there is any low battery voltage detected (settable parameter), the XW will have grid power supplied to it. Once the "Clear" level is reached (also settable parameter), the XW Aux will disconnect from the grid. This particular setup is used mostly in countries and locations where the Utility Grid is very expensive and they want to be off-grid only until the batteries get low, and only connect to the grid long enough to charge the batteries. 

Here is a simple wiring diagram that shows how this setup is connected. 25A breaker shown as it may be difficult to locate 60A 2-pole relay that can be activated by 12VDC/250mA signal.