Video: How do you save/open a program in the ATV61 or ATV71 keypad HMI (VW3A1101)?



Loading/saving programs between the HMI Display VW3A1101 and Altivar 61 & 71 (ATV61/ATV71) variable frequency drives (VFD).

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 or ATV71

All models in range.

Copying the current program into the remote HMI keypad.

Before saving the programs, one has to be sure the these check list are all met:
* the option card has to be the same, 
* the wiring "should" be the same.  
* the IP won't transfer if IP00 or IP20

To Save the program from the drive to the HMI:
Press the ESC button until you reach the Main Menu.
Scroll down to Menu 3 [Open/Save As] and press ENT.
Scroll down to Save As and press ENT.   You'll be able to identify which files are Empty or Used.
Select the file location to save the program and press ENT.   This will begin the Download where the program is transferred from the VFD to the HMI.
If there was a program saved to that file previously, it will be overwritten and unrecoverable.
There is no way to change the name of the file being saved.
Once the file has been saved, the HMI will indicate that the Download is Done and you can press ESC to return to the Main menu.

To Download a program from the HMI to the drive:
Press ESC until you reach the Main Menu.
Scroll down to Menu 3 [Open/Save As] and press ENT.
Scroll down to Open ad press ENT.  You'll be able to identify which files are Empty and which are Used.
Select the File you want to download to the drive and press ENT.
Select the Download Group.  This determines what parameters are downloaded.
  • All means all parameters in all menus
  • Drive Menu means only those parameters in the Drive Menu (except for 1.9 Communication, and 1.14 Programmable Card) will be downloaded
  • Motor Parameters means the motor data from Menu 1.4, as well as the Mot Therm Current from Menu 1.3 will be downloaded.
  • Communication means the parameters in Menu 1.9 Communication will be downloaded
  • Prog control inside card means the parameters in Menu 1.14 will be downloaded.

Once you have selected the Download Group, press ENT.
You'll see a message asking you to check that the drive wiring is OK and then press ESC to abort or ENT to continue.   This message is warning you that the download may change the assignments of the logic inputs, so you need to be sure the wiring matches the program to be downloaded and be sure it is safe to do so.
If you press ENT, you'll see a message indicating that the Download is in Progress, and once it's completed, it will tell you it's Done.

If the HP and Voltage of the drive does not match the values stored in the file, you will see an error message indicating the Motor Parameters are not compatible, and asking if you want to continue.  If you do, all parameters but the motor data will be downloaded.

Refer to the ATV61 or ATV71 programming manual for additional details.

ATV61 Programming Manual

ATV71 Programming Manual