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Is there a minimum load required to show info on the Micrologic Trip Unit displays for Powerpact P and R frame, and Masterpact NT/NW breakers?



Determine minimum load required to show data on Micrologic Trip Unit displays

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Micrologic A, P and H Trip Units used in Powerpact P, R, and Masterpact NT and NW Breakers

The trip units 3.0A, 5.0A, 6.0A, 5.0P, 6.0P, 5.0H and 6.0H require a minimum of 20% load going through the breaker to internally power the display and show data, however the back light will not be illuminated.  When externally powering the trip unit with 24Vdc on terminals F1 (neg.) and F2 (pos.) the display will also show data below 20% load, and the back light will be illuminated.