How is the current rating on an ATS48 soft start determined from the part number?



Current rating for ATS48 according to part number.

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All ATS48, Altistart 48

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The ATS48 part numbering system is as follows:

The letter after ATS48 indicates the placement of the decimal point with the following 2 digits.
"D" means there are 2 digits to the left of the Decimal:  (Example:  ATS48D17Y would be rated for 17.0 amps)
"C" means there are 3 digits to the left of the decimal:  (Example: ATS48C17Y would be rated for 170.0 amps)
"M" means there are 4 digits to the left of the decimal: (Example:  ATS48M12Y would be rated for 1200.0 amps)

ATS48 softstart current ratings:
ATS48D17Y - 17A          ATS48C11Y - 110A          ATS48M10Y - 1000A         
ATS48D22Y - 22A          ATS48C14Y - 140A          ATS48M12Y - 1200A
ATS48D32Y - 32A          ATS48C17Y - 170A         
ATS48D38Y - 38A          ATS48C21Y - 210A         
ATS48D47Y - 47A          ATS48C25Y - 250A         
ATS48D62Y - 62A          ATS48C32Y - 320A         
ATS48D75Y - 75A          ATS48C41Y - 410A         
ATS48D88Y - 88A          ATS48C48Y - 480A          
                                       ATS48C59Y - 590A          
                                       ATS48C66Y - 660A          
                                       ATS48C79Y - 790A