How to set up an ATV12 drive so that R1 relay closes upon motor run status?



ATV12 set up for R1 to show motor running status.

Product line:
Altivar 12, ATV12
All models, all serial numbers
The Altivar 12 has an NO/NC programmable contact on terminals R1A-R1B-R1C.  (NO is R1A to R1C, NC is R1B to R1C). 
Relays accept both a 120V source or 24VDC.

To setup R1 to indicate the drive is running you need to assign this function to the R1 relay.
Go to the following menu:
COnF > FULL > I_O- > r1.  Change this parameter to rUn
When the drive is providing voltage to the motor, the R1A-R1C contact will be closed. 
See User Manual BBV28581 for more details.