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What can cause an SSCr fault code on an ATS22 soft starter?



Causes for a SSCr fault code on an ATS22 soft starter

Product line:
Altistart 22  

All models, all serial numbers

Condition results in fault code 

This fault code can be the result of too much or too little current (or none at all) being pulled through the Soft Starter:

At a run command, the ATS22 expects to see current going to the motor.  If not, it will trip SSCr.
Check that the motor is electrically connected.
Close any disconnects between the ATS22 and the motor. 
Make sure all wiring connections are firmly connected and tightened properly.

Check that the motor windings are not burned open or shorted.  Also verify the proper motor connections.

Another cause is too much current through the ATS22.  A shorted SCR on the softstart or a welded contact on the internal shorting contactor will both cause SSCr trip.
Check the resistance through each pole, L1-T1, L2-T2, L3-T3, for indications of either condition.  Should expect 50K minimum Ohm rating for an acceptable value.