How noisy is the NetShelter CX with equipment running inside? How does it work, and how does it perform in the 1000Hz range?



Customers ask how loud the NetShelter CX in operation, how it works, and especially how it performs at the most important frequency, 1000Hz.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX
All versions and serial ranges.
Customers want to know how much noise to expect from this product. They also want to know how it works, and how it performs at different frequencies.
Typical values are less than 50db(A) which is below most office ambient noise levels. In other words, the unit will hardly be noticed in an office.
Attached below please find two documents:
  • The first document highlights the excellent results the CX achieves at a particularly important frequency - 1000 hertz. Competitors products typically achieve 'broad range' noise reduction, which leaves a lot to be desired in the more important high frequency range.
  • The second document explains practical acoustics and how the NetShelter CX reduces noise levels to that of ambient office noise so it goes unnoticed.