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ATV31 or ATV312 Basic programming



ATV31: Basic programming

Product line:
Altivar ATV31

All models, all serial numbers
Basic Programming for the ATV31 drive  
*Note: for ATV312 enter on ConF first, then the follow the steps below.
DRC Menu  
Parameter setting  Description 
BFR   Standard Motor frequency  
UNS   Rated Motor Voltage  
FRS   Rated Motor Frequency  
NCR   Rated Motor Current  (FLA)
NSP   Rated Motor Speed  (RPM)
TFR   Max Frequency  
UFT   Motor control type 
SET Menu        
ACC   Acceleration  
DEC   Deceleration  
LSP   Low Speed  
HSP   High Speed  
ITH   Motor Thermal  (FLA)
UFR   Voltage boost  
CLI   Current limitation  (SF Amps)
IO Menu        
TCC    2/3 wire type  
TCT   2 wire type  
RRS   Reverse assign

Refer to the ATV31 Programming manual VVDED303042US