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Can the ATV61/71 LCD keypad, VW3A1101, be used on the ATV312?



Is the remote graphic keypad display, VW3A1101, compatible with the ATV312 drive?

Product Line:

All models

Preference for the graphic keypad display

Yes, the VW3A1101 keypad is compatible with the ATV312 drive.  The keypad must have minimum CPU V1.2IE09.

It is not direct connected to the drive.  At minimum, an adaptor and a cable are required:
VW3A1105 is a female-female adaptor between cable and keypad
VW3A1104R10 is a 1meter cable
VW3A1104R30 is a 3meter cable
VW3A1104R50 is a 5meter cable
VW3A1104R100 is a 10meter cable

An optional remote mount kit, VW3A1102, will include the VW3A1105 adaptor.
An optional door, VW3A1103, adds to the remote mount kit to increase IP54 rating to IP65.