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Uniflair BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks)




Issue:  Uniflair BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks)


Product line: Uniflair


Environment: All Models and Serial Numbers



Cause: Install





scheda seriale 485      Gateway


All the units must be fitted with a RS485 card, trough that they are connected to the RS485 serial cable. On one side there will be the 120 ohm resistor, on the other, the gateway which will translate the variables from Uniflair language, to LON language.


To realize a local net to be connected to a BMS with protocol BACnet, it’s necessary:

• gateway LBM every 8 units; (not necessary with pCOnet - pCOWeb)

• 1 RS485 serial card for every controller;

• 120Ω resistor;

• PC for the gateway configuration


BACnet is a supervisory system created from AHRAE:

“American society of Heating, refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers”

These are the ways how the information under BACnet can be sent to Uniflair controllers:


    BACnet IP/Ethernet



1111    pCOnet:  connessione RS485




Gateway   Gateway

Carel :

  1. Protocol Carel
  2. Connection RS485 or RS422
  3. Max 8 units
  4. No software modification needed

BACnet :

  1. BACnet PTP
  2. Connection RS232