What are the Saturn One Touch mech and plate codes?



Saturn One touch is now obsolete.

The part codes are 4061TC (OM - Ocean Mist and PW - Pure White) this is just the plate 4062TC-xx, 4063TC-xx 4064TC-xx 4066TC-xx are the other plates.
The Onetouch switch is 60TSRM3, which is 6AX 3 wire and requires a neutral connection.
The Onetouch dimmer module code is 60TDM, 350W max, does not require neutral connection.
The dimmer/switch secondary mech is 60TDSM. This can act as a slave for either the 60TSRM3 or 60TDM to allow 2 and 3 way switching and dimming. Does not require neutral connection.

See wiring diagram for typical dimmer and switch application