How is automatic restart enabled on an ATV61/ ATV71?



How is automatic restart enabled on an ATV61/ ATV71?

Product Line:


System requirement.

From Main menu, go into the Drive menu, then go into the Fault Management (menu 1.8), scroll down to Automatic Restart, and set to 'yes'.
Max restart time limits is how long the VFD will attempt to reset the fault and start the motor.

IMPORTANT: In order for the drive to automatically clear a fault AND start running again, the drive must be in 2-wire control (2/3 Wire control= 2-wire), and 2 wire type must be set to 'level'. This allows the run command to remain present and not require operator attention. If the 2-wire type parameter is left in its factory default setting (transition), the drive will clear a fault, but remain in ready state until the run command is transitioned (removed and re-established). 

Programming Summary:
Automatic restart = yes
Max. restart time = your desired amount of time
2/3 Wire = 2 wire
2 wire type = Level

See the ATV61 Programming Manual or the ATV71 Programming Manual for additional details.