Video: How is basic programming performed on the ATS22 Soft Starter?



How do I perform basic programming on the ATS22?

Product Line:
ATS22, Altistart 22 Soft Start

All models and serial numbers


Basic Programming:

Conf Menu
Uln = line voltage
In= motor rated current (motor FLA) 
LAC= Advanced mode to access other menus

Set Menu
t90= Initial voltage
ILt= current limit (max current the motor will be allowed to pull)
ACC= Acceleration time (user preference per application requirements)
DEC= Deceleration time (user preference per application requirements)
tHP= Motor thermal protection (10,20,30)  Note: To activate tHP, set ItH to ErUn or On

Pro Menu
ItH= Overload protection (oFF / ErUn / On)

The following video walks the user through basic configuration of the ATS22


The basic programming parameters to set up an ATS22 Soft Start can also be found in the User Manual