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How to access User menu on a EcoBreeze Expansion Module.




How to access User menu on a EcoBreeze Expansion Module

Product line:
ACEC200, ACEC201 

All serial numbers 



This menu can be accessed/viewed from any point within the User menu by pressing the UP+DOWN buttons for about 4 seconds. The first variable displayed is rI00 (evaporation pressure). rI00 to rI15 and PA menus are accessible. 

• Press the ENTER button to view the relative value. 

• Press the ENTER button again to come back to the variable list. 

• Use the UP/DOWN button to scroll through the list of module variables. 

If the DOWN button is pressed while the rI00 variable is being displayed, the device requests the PA password to access Installer menu. The only variable which can be modified from this level is PA, the password.