How can I clear a CF12 fault when using PC Soft on an ATV212 drive?



Clear a CF12 fault when using a PC Soft on an ATV212 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV212 and S-Flex 212 drives


Needs to clear an CF12 fault on the ATV212 drives.

How to get rid of the CF12 faults when downloading program from PC Soft.

1st: From the HMI on Face of the Drive we need to set TYP to 2

connect your USB/ RJ45 cable to the drive and to PC soft V1.07

Upload program from the VFD 1st before trying to make any changes to programming

go to Environment Options Icon near Help Icon far right.
Check Download "Changed "Parameters only box

now you can make changes to PC soft program and then download back to the drive.

If the Download "Changed "Parameters only box is not checked you will get a CF12 fault every time when you change LSP in PC soft and try and download.

Note if need to just clear the CF12 fault without PC Soft you will need to

TYP=3 then TYP=2.