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NetBotz Appliance Does Not Collect Data for SeaLevel 462/463 I/O Modules




No data is collected for SeaLevel 462/463 I/O modules monitored by NetBotz appliances. SeaLevel 462/463 I/O modules must be reconnected and reconfigured after upgrade to NetBotz v4.2.

Product Line:



3rd party integration.


NetBotz appliance fails to log Sealevel data.


Users must upgrade to NetBotz v4.2

Users monitoring SeaLevel 462/463 I/O modules on NetBotz appliances earlier than v4.2 must do the following:
1. Upgrade the NetBotz appliance and the Advanced View user interface to v4.2.
2. Disconnect the SeaLevel 462/463 module from the NetBotz appliance. Note the port and the port label.
3. In the Advanced View, wait for the Sea I/O 462/463 device to become grayed out in the list. In the Serial Devices display, remove the device.
4. Reconnect the SeaLevel 462/463 module.
5. In the Serial Devices display, select the Sea I/O 462/463 device type for the correct port, and specify the port label.