What is the Wiser Home Control Entry Level Pack ?



Set the scene of your living area with the simple touch of a button; Dining, DVD, BBQ… with Wiser Home Control you can create a scene to customize the lighting to match
your mood.  Provides the ability for remote functions such as an ‘All Off’ beside the bed to switch off the kitchen light your husband has left on, or a “Panic” button to turn on
the outside lights or you can hibernate your home with a simple “Shutdown” button when you leave the house.

This will ensure all unessential lighting and appliances are isolated to prevent wasted energy in the kids bedroom lights, heating, towel rails, the TV that is on standby. 
An easy to install lighting control distribution board,   2 x 5 key DLT’s and a 2 key switch for control of your kitchen, living, and dining area lighting.
As well as a remote switch to provide the ‘All Off’ or ‘Shutdown’ functionality