How do you import CFG multi-loader files into SoMove software?



How do you import CFG multi-loader files into SoMove Software?

Product Line:


Needs to import a CFG file


Step 1: Using the Multi-loader Device you will need to save the CFG file into the Multi-loader by choosing Device to ML.  This will save the file as a example 000001cfg on the SC memory card.

Step 2: Open SoMove Software Program on your laptop computer.

Step 3: Using the SoMove software you will need to create a new project  by choosing drives part number and product firmware.

Step 4:  In SoMove software find File Icon and choose Multi-loader and then Import file.

Step 5: Browse C drive to find your saved CFG file.

Step 6:  After importing the CFG file into SoMove now you can save the project as PSX file by doing a Save.

Step 7:  Now the CFG file has been imported into SoMove and You have Saved the new project as a PSX which is the SoMove file format.

Step 8: Complete.