Video: How do I reset the super administrator password on my Digital IP KVM (KVM1116P, KVM2116P, or KVM2132P only)?




The super administrator's password has been forgotten

Product Line
  • Rac Accessories - KVM Switches
    • KVM1116P
    • KVM2116P
    • KVM2132P


All firmware revisions, all serial numbers


The password is unknown


Perform the following password reset procedure:
  1. Turn off the power to the KVM Switch. Open the top cover of  KVM Switch, and short the jumper marked "Restore Default Password". Depending on the model, the jumper may be labeled differently. See the chart below.

KVM Model Jumper Number and Label on KVM Motherboard
KVM1116P J8 - Restore Password
KVM2116P J25 - Restore Password
KVM2132P J25 - Restore Password

(Rear of KVM2132P is shown at the top of the picture)
(Front of KVM2132P is shown at the bottom of the picture)
  1. With the jumper shorted, turn on power to the KVM Switch, and wait for the front panel LEDs of the KVM to flash in unison. When they start to flash, the reset is completed. 
  1. Return the jumper to the open position, remove power from the KVM switch, and replace the cover.
  1. Turn the power back on for the device.

The assigned usernames and passwords will all be cleared. Start the OSD with the default username/password, which is apc/apc for KVM1116P, KVM2116P, and KVM2132P.

For a video tutorial on this procedure, please see below: