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No power out from some outlets on a Smart-UPS



Some outlets on the back of the UPS are not outputting power.
Product line:
All models, all serial numbers
Loss of output power to only some outlets on a Smart-UPS can be attributed to one of three things:
  • One or more breakers has been tripped (All Units)
  • An outlet is physically disconnected (All Units)
  • A configuration issue with the switched outlet groups (SMT/SMX Only)


For all Smart-UPS:
First, check the output breakers on the back plate of the UPS.  If an attached device draws too much current the output breaker for that outlet(s) will trip as a safety measure. The breakers on the back of the unit are generally of the pop-up variety, and will stick out approximately 1/2"" when tripped. Press the breaker plunger to reset. Please note that pressing in on an un-tripped breaker may cause a momentary loss of output power.

If all breakers are un-tripped and your UPS features a user replaceable backplate, verify that there are no loose or disconnected wires on the backplate. 

For SMT and SMX Smart-UPS:
SMT and SMX series Smart-UPS support switchable outlet groups that can be controlled via software or via the front panel LCD. In addition to checking the output circuit breakers, you would want to ensure that the outlet group(s) is turned on. From the ""Control""  menu on the UPS, you would scroll to each outlet group and choose ""TurnON - No Delay"". This will restore power to the outlets in that group. If the outlets are already ON, ""TurnON - No Delay"" will not be an option in the menu.