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Is there a list of Adapter & Gender Changer FAQ's



Customers have questions regarding the use of gender changers and adapters.
Product Line:
Cables and Connectivity Solutions. 
Adapters, Gender Changers 
The use of gender changers and adapters can be tricky.
Resolution :

Q. What are Adapters, and what are they used for?
A. An Adapter is a device that changes one connector type to a completely different connector type; i.e. DB9 to DB25. They can change gender too. Most often an adapter is straight through (matches pin signal names on both sides). Adapters that are not straight through (null modem) are available too.


Q. What is a pigtail adapter?
A. External Adapters that have a short cable between the two connectors are called Pigtail Adapters. When connected to the back of a computer they allow the connecting cable to be attached a few inches away from the computer at any desired angle.


Q. Most adapters are designed to be used externally. Are there adapters made to be used internally, inside a computer?
A. Yes, there are adapters for any application between compatible devices.


Q. Are there any limits to what an adapter can do?
A. Yes, for an adapter to work correctly it must connect between two devices that are communicating with the same interface; i.e. serial to serial. Adapters are passive, they do not have electronic components. To connect different interfaces together requires an Interface Converter. A common mistake is using a Cent36 female to DB25 male adapter to connect a parallel printer cable into a serial port on a printer.


Q. What are gender changers and what are they used for?
A. A Gender Changer is similar to an adapter but the connector type and gender is the same on both sides. Gender Changers are used to convert the connector on the end of a cable to the opposite gender. A cable that has a female connector on it, to which is added a male/male Gender Changer, results in a male connector on the cable end.


Q. What is a slimline gender changer?
A. A slimline gender changer is a low profile gender changer. It is very thin, the two connectors appear to be attached back to back. Standard gender changers typically have 2-3 inches of a plastic body between the two connectors. Functionally they are similar. A slimline gender changer is chosen where space is an issue.


Q. Are there gender changers that have opposite genders, like DB25 male/female?
A. Yes but they are not really gender changers; they are typically called Port Protectors or Port Extenders. They can be used to help lengthen the life expectancy of a port that is connected to repeatedly. They can also be used to add height to a recessed port.

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