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Which keys are used with NetShelter cabinets and EcoAisle, and how customers can obtain them.



Customers may need a replacement NetShelter key or additional matching keys.

Product Line: 
NetShelter Cabinets, EcoAisle

All versions and serial ranges.

Lost key, or need for extra keys.

NetShelter Replacement Keys for SX, SV, AV, VX, WX and AR8132A Combination Lock Handles

This document explains which keys are used for various NetShelter cabinets and how to obtain them.

NetShelter SX, SV, AV & VX: 
Please use Part W870-8135 as the replacement key for NetShelter SX, AV and VX front & rear door handles and side panels. This is a single key, not a pair. It’s a sellable part. It can also be RMA’d for in-warrantee replacement. We allow customers one extra key per cabinet as in-warrantee replacement during the first year of ownership. If you need an in-warrantee replacement please call APC customer service and have the cabinet's model number and serial number available.

NetShelter WX:
AR100 and AR100 HD please use Part 0J-870-8492 as the replacement key for the NetShelter WX front door handle.
AR106, AR109 and AR112 please use W870-8135.

NetShelter CX: 
Please use Part 0H-0292-SE as the replacement keys for all NetShelter CX door locks. This is a set of two (2) keys.

AR8132A Combination Lock Handles:
We do not currently stock a replacement key for the AR8132A combination lock handle. If you need to order a replacement key it must be ordered direct from the manufacturer, EMKA. or one of their distributors. The EMKA part number is 1108-U36-222. See below for EMKA contact information.

Key for drop out panels: W870-8135. 
Key for the sliding door: 0J-870-26645. 

EMKA contact information:
United States Headquarters: EMKA Inc.1961 Fulling Mill Road Middletown, PA 17057 Phone: 717-986-1111
European Headquarters: EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KGLangenberger Str. 32D-42551 Velbert (Germany)Phone: +49 (0)2051 273-0
For specific regional contacts, please reference EMKA’s website.