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How can USB File Transfer Cable issues with the USB2TC be resolved?



USB2TC will not transfer files.

Product Line: 
Cables and Connectivity Solutions


Incorrect Installation or incompatible OS.

Resolution: See below.

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP Home and XP Pro.
There is no support for Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME.

The USB2TC cable has been installed between PCs, prior to a complete installation from the provided USB File Transfer Cable CD. The USB2TC is unable to properly install the required Drivers in the Device Manager, resulting in an ""Unknown Device"" entry being created in the Device Manager (Represented as Yellow Bang/Exclamation Sign or Question Mark Sign)
Subsequent reinstallation of the CD will continue to fail since there is already an entry for that device(File Transfer Cable) tagged as a failed/Incomplete Driver Installation

Action Required;
Prior to reinstalling, please perform the following.

1. Uninstall the ""Unknown Device"" in the Other Devices Folder (Device Manager)

2. Unplug the USB File Transfer Device.

3. Check to see if the USBBC2.Sys exists in the c:\windows\system32\drivers Folder.
If it does exist, rename the USBB2.sys file to -> USBBC2OLD.sys

4. Restart the PC and begin the installation by first installing the CD.

5. Continue through the installation by following the steps outlined in the User Manual provided.