Can the length of a USB cable be extended?



Issue: I need to extend the length of my USB cables beyond the recommended distance.

Product Line: Cables and Connectivity Solutions

Environment: Installation

Cause: USB has a 5 meter cable limit but I need to exceed that.

The length of an existing USB cable can be extended with passive extension cables as long as the length doesn't exceed the 5 meter (16 foot) maximum.
We have USB-A Male to Female extension cables available under Skus 19103CL-xF-1E. The x stands for the length in feet. We have 3, 6 and 10 foot lengths available.
If you need to extend beyond the 16 foot limit it is strongly suggested that you use an active extender. Active extenders draw a little power from the USB bus to boost the signal. Our Sku 19105-16 allows an existing USB cable to extend an additional 5 meters (16 feet). You can connect up to three (3) of these boosters together. They require power so please make sure that your USB host is providing power to the bus.
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