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StruxureWare Central 6.3 help files appear to be missing.




StruxureWare Central 6.3 help files missing

Product Line:

StruxureWare Central


StruxureWare Central 6.3


The help documentation downloaded with the client has been found to have issues. If you are running the StruxureWare Client on a Windows system, please download the attached zip file and follow the instructions below.


*** Information ***
StruxureWare Central 6.3.0 help zip file for Windows installations only.

Note: For use only with StruxureWare Central version 6.3.0 on Windows operating systems.

*** To Install ***

1. Download the SWC 6.3.0 Help file (attached) to your StruxureWare Central 6.3.0 client machine.

2. Close the StruxureWare Central application if running.

3. Extract the zip file to the StruxureWare Central client install folder.
Note: The default installation folder is c:\Program Files\StruxureWare Central 6.3.0\

4. Hit the ""Yes to all"" button when prompted to overwrite existing files.

5. Extraction will complete and the help will now be viewable from StruxureWare Central 6.3.0.