NetBotz Cannot Post to FTP Server




NetBotz Cannot Post to FTP Server 

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When you configuration a NetBotz Appliance to post data to a FTP server, the action may fail unexpectedly.

Whenever a NetBotz appliance connects to an FTP server it attempts to issue a couple of commands: XCWD - change working directory XMKD - make a remote directory The

se commands were created in RFC 775. Some modern FTP servers have backwards compatibility for these commands, but not all do. If you are having problems creating an FTP alert action or report, it could be related to this issue.

Currently, version 3x firmware on the rPDU will result in a communications error. In the Advanced View application log, we see an event similar to the following:
Jan 3 11:01:30 netbotz029184 kern.debug nbSerialPortMgr: send_AP7900_refresh_request: Waiting for prompt (nbAP7900Enc_0)


An easy way to troubleshoot this is to open a command prompt and try to connect to your FTP server using these commands:

ftp authenticate username and password XMKD test (This attempts to create a directory named 'test') XCWD test (This will change the working directory to 'test' which you just created)

If you get an ""Invalid command"" response for these commands, then you will either not be able to use FTP alerts/reports or you will have to find a different FTP server that has backwards compatibility with these legacy commands.

Note: These commands have been replaced with CWD and MKD on some newer FTP servers."

This issue should be resolved in Botzware (NetBotz Firmware) version 3.3 and higher.