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NetBotz v3 | Security Information



NetBotz v3 Appliance Security Information

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 (355,450, 455, 550, & 570)

NetBotz (all versions)


Network Protocols and Ports​

Firewall Configuration
- NetBotz includes an IP Filtering feature.  Configure IP Filtering in Advanced View.

Cybersecurity Considerations
- Where possible, all unnecessary services should be disabled (SNMP, HTTP, etc.).
- Use Strong encryption (AES for SNMPv3, HTTPS, etc.).
- Change the default password and use passwords that are considered strong.
- If SNMP is required, consider changing the V1 community strings, and do not user SNMPv1 thereafter.  Use SNMPv3 instead, configured with SHA and AES-128.

NetBotz Software Vulnerability Scans