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Netbotz advanced device crawlers and definition files




Netbotz advanced device crawlers and definition files

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NetBotz version 2 Device crawlers.




Your NetBotz appliance, running BotzWare 2.2.1 or later, includes a limited function edition of Advanced Device Crawlers or Basic Device Crawlers. This is free-of-charge and will extend your ability to monitor the operational status of a single SNMP target. Advanced Device Crawlers extends the capabilities of Basic Device Crawlers to provide far more detailed device-specific information and to enable OID-specific monitoring and alerting. For more specific information on the device crawlers, please see the appropriate help section in your Netbotz Appliance.

A fully licensed version of Advanced Device Crawlers enables you to use the Advanced Device Crawler functionality on up to 48 SNMP targets.

The Netbotz Appliance can download specific DDF files from the web if it is allowed access through a firewall. They can also be downloaded at: