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Information returned for Liebert Systems when using Advanced Device Crawlers




Information returned for Liebert Systems when using Advanced Device Crawlers

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NetBotz version 2 appliances
Device Definition file for Liebert devices.


Monitoring information


Information that is returned Liebert Systems when using Advanced Device Crawlers

The following information can be queried via Advanced Device Crawlers for a Liebert system assuming the Liebert DDF is installed.

Please note that not all information listed below is available on all Liebert models.

* Vendor
* Description
* Battery Time Remaining
* Battery Temperature
* Battery Voltage
* Battery Current
* Battery Capacity Available
* Battery Total Discharge Count
* Battery Total Accumulated Discharge Time
* Battery Amp Hours
* Battery Kilowatt Hours
* Battery Watt Hours
* Input Frequency
* Brown-outs Experienced
* Black-outs Experienced
* Transient (surge and spike) Conditions Experienced
* Number of Input Lines
* Input Line:Voltage
* Input Line:Current
* Input Line:Volt Amps
* Output Frequency
* Output Load
* Number of Output Lines
* Output Line:Voltage
* Output Line:Current
* Output Line:Volt Amps
* Output Power
* Inverter Status
* Inverter Temperature
* Nominal Output Voltage
* Nominal Input voltage
* Nominal Output Volt Amps
* Nominal Output Watts
* Nominal Output Frequency
* Nominal Input Frequency
* Nominal Output Volt Amp Rating
* Nominal Output Power Rating
* Switched Receptacle Status
* UPS Bypass Status
* Bypass Frequency
* Number of Bypass Lines
* Bypass Line:Voltage
* Bypass Line:Current
* Bypass Installed
* Multi-module UPS Count Connected to System Control Cabinet