Data Center Expert | Deleting a device causes all associated information to be deleted.



Deleting a device from StruxureWare Data Center Expert causes all associated sensors and historical data to be deleted.

Product Line:
NetBotz Central (NBC)
InfraStruXure Central (ISXC)
StruxureWare Central (SWC)
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
NetBotz Appliances (NB)
Network Management Cards / 3rd party devices

NBC, ISXC, SWC, & DCE (all versions)
NetBotz Appliances
SNMP Devices
Modbus TCP/IP Devices

When a device (NetBotz, SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP) is deleted all associated information for the device is purged from the server's database. This means that all historical sensor data, alert data, and surveillance data will be deleted.


If historical data must be kept for a device the device CAN NOT be removed from the software.  Once the device is deleted the sensors and historical data are also removed.  There is no workaround at this time.