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USB CAT-5 Pod Extender Specifications




USB CAT-5 Pod Extender Specifications

Product Line:



NetBotz CAT5 pod extender




The NetBotz CAT-5 Pod Extender is composed of two main components:
  1. Local Extender Unit
  2. Remote Extender Unit

There are two versions of the NetBotz CAT-5 Pod Extender:
  1. Model 110i - which has 1 USB port on the remote end
  2. Model 410i - which has 4 USB ports on the remote end

The NetBotz CAT-5 Pod Extenders support up to 330 feet of CAT-5 cabling between the local and remote ends.

Local Extender Unit:
  • Self-powered
  • Attaches to NetBotz 420 or 500 via standard USB cable
  • Upstream = USB “B” connector (connects to the 420 or 500)
  • Downstream = RJ-45 connector (connects to the Remote Extender Unit)

Remote Extender Unit:
  • Self-powered
  • Integrated 1 port USB hub
  • Upstream = RJ-45 connector (connects to the Local Extender Unit)
  • Downstream = USB “A” connector(s) (connects to camera or sensor pods)
  • Maximum of 1 hub can be connected to the Remote Extender Unit to extend an additional 16 feet or 5 meters.

NOTE:Only one end of the CAT-5 Pod Extender has to be powered. The power can be supplied to the Local or Remote Pod Extender.