IPMI Overview




IPMI Overview

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NetBotz Version 2 and 3 appliances


IPMI is a protocol supported by NetBotz appliance for monitoring 3rd party devices (mostly servers).


What is IPMI?
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a relatively new technology designed to extend customers' IT capabilities and further improve remote management across their hardware platforms by providing an easy to use and scalable interface into their server’s hardware at a physical level.
  • Implemented on server’s baseboard management controller chip, independent of CPU and OS but uses existing Ethernet already on the system.

How does IPMI work?
  • A separate processor called a Baseboard Mgmt Controller (BMC) runs along side the core/main processor in a system to allow monitoring of the system’s status, environmental info, etc internally, regardless of the health of the core processor.
  • The BMC communicates with the system board both internally and externally, to provide for remote management and monitoring of the system.
  • IPMI is a self-describing environment, providing for easy integration into third party software applications (NetBotz).

NetBotz Support of IPMI
  • IPMI allows NetBotz to monitor physical characteristics of IPMI-enabled servers and network equipment:
    • Temperature, Voltage, Fan status
    • Midrange & enterprise servers will have multiple of each type of sensor
    • NetBotz appliances polls the IPMI device via the TCP/IP network using the IPMI protocol similar to how NetBotz polls SNMP devices.
  • NetBotz BotzWare 2.4 supports IPMI version 1.5 and 2.0 devices
  • BotzWare 2.4 (and later) supports monitoring only
  • Since IPMI is self-describing, manufacturers provide recommended threshold settings. This means that when an IPMI device is added to BotzWare 2.4, default thresholds are automatically created on the NetBotz appliance.
  • IPMI is supported on the NetBotz 500, 420, 320 with a valid Premium Software Module key installed
  • IPMI is supported on the NetBotz 450, 455, 550, and 570 units with a 5 node monitoring pack (NBWN0006) installed.
  • Default Port for IPMI is UDP 623.
  • IPMI must be supported and configured on the target device.