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Incorrect Appliance Registration Dates Show in About Views




Incorrect Appliance Registration Dates Show in About Views

Product Line:



NetBotz version 2


An error in the NetBotz product registration web page, causes the registration date for Version 2 appliances to show up incorrectly in the Advanced View and Basic View. The incorrect dates shown are usually 1/1/2004 or 12/31/2004.


It is important to note that the date stored in the NetBotz database and displayed on the web site are correct. It is only the date that is returned back to and stored on the appliance for viewing in the Basic View or the Advanced View is incorrect. Therefore all information concerning entitlement and warranty is stored correctly in the NetBotz system.
This error has been fixed and all products registered after August 3, 2005 will reflect the date correctly in the Advanced View and Basic View.

Customers may correct this by re-registering the appliance. However, the appliance registration information stored locally must be erased first. To reset the appliance registration enter the following URL (where ip_of_bot is the IP address or host name of the appliance):


Once the registration data has been reset, access the appliance with the Advanced View and login with an administrator ID. Click on the "About" view and then click the button titled "Registe"".