NetBotz Appliances using modems to call voice numbers




NetBotz Appliances using modems to call voice numbers

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NetBotz any version with a modem.




Many NetBotz customers ask the following ""Will my phone ring if I configure a NetBotz appliance, using a supported modem card or external modem for a backup network connection, to dial my mobile phone number instead of a valid number of a PPP server? When my mobile rings without a caller ID, I will assume that my wired network is down, and a NetBotz appliance is trying to send an alert out.""

The answer to this is Yes, any phone device with a valid phone number will ring and then try to connect with a data link. In this case, a NetBotz appliance will attempt to dial-out until the alert clears. This means that your phone will have incoming calls until the alert clears. There will be no voice alert in this case.