How do I setup motion detection for the Pelco cameras when integrating it with version 3 Netbotz?




Netbotz 455, Netbotz 550, and NetBotz 570  are able to support Pelco IP cameras using the Rack Access PX-HID & Pod Sharing functionality. 

To setup motion detection for the Pelco cameras,  please open Advanced View UI and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Configuration / Shared Cameras / Sensors / Camera Motion, choose ""Motion Detected"" as Alert State and check ""Enabled"".   (This is set up for all types of cameras.)
  2. Goto Configuration / Shared Cameras / Masking,  enable camera motion here.  Please also make sure to click the ""apply motion mask changes"" button to apply the configuration.

Please note that Pelco camera motion can be detected once in a 30 second window of time and each instance of motion will continue for that 30 seconds. This is a hard coded limit from Pelco