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Error message "License key is not valid" when installing ISX Manager



Receiving the error message ""License key is not valid"" when installing ISX Manager can have several causes:

1) Number has been entered wrong - please double check if the number has been entered correctly. Also make sure to distinguish between 0 (number) and O (letter)

2) Number is not an official license - please ensure the number was taken from the official license document.

3) Space in front of number - please remove any spaces which might be present.

4) It is an old licence key. The format of the keys changed with the release of  ISX Manager version 4.3. ""Legacy"" keys from versions prior to 4.3 will need to be upgraded before they can be added to any newer version of the ISX Manager. You may obtain an updated licence key from the following web page:

The old licence key and an email address is required to receive the new licence.