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Is Stay-brite-8 approved to use on the refrigerant piping?



Is Stay-brite-8 approved to use on the refrigerant piping?
Product line:
All DX units
Data Center Cooling
Stay-brite 8 (SB8) is chemically suitable for a copper to stainless joint , however not for our commercial equipment.  Its make up is 94% tin 6% silver which makes it a high temperature solder, not a brazing material.  A Silver commercial joint is a stronger joint to withstand systems vibrations and does not "flow" like solder. commercial can ribbon into the piping, causing restrictions and other operational issues such as shearing (piping being pushed out of the fitting with commercial still attached to both surfaces) and ultimate decoupling of the joint.

Commercial is a solder and our connections need to be brazed. commercial is liquid at 535ºF. Brazing takes place at temperatures above 800ºF. Soldering takes place at temperatures below 800ºF, therefore, using commercial is not brazing. 

NOTE: If any contractor suggests its use, it is to be denied.