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I am getting "lost communication with UPS" errors after installing an AP9630 or AP9631 NMC in my Smart UPS SMT or SMX series UPS




After installing an AP9630 or AP9631 into my SMT or SMX model Smart UPS, I am getting a "lost communication" error message or do not see any UPS information in the Management Card interface.

Product Line
  • Smart UPS Single Phase with the following model prefixes:
    • SMT
    • SMX
  • UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2)
    • AP9630/AP9630CH, AP9631/AP9631CH
  • AP9630/31 serial numbers from 2009
  • v5.0.0, v5.0.1 sumx application firmware on AP9630/31


When using an AP9630 or AP9631 UPS Network Management Card 2 with an SMT or SMX series of Smart UPS, you must use Network Management Card 2 sumx application v5.0.3 or higher. Attempting to use older firmware will result in a loss of communication with the Network Management Card as well as with the Serial and USB ports on the UPS. If this occurs while the UPS is on battery, it can result on an unexpected graceful shutdown (depending on how the software is configured).


You can download the most recent AP9630/AP9631 firmware here.