What is the maximum length of cable that can be used to connect between my IP/Cat5 KVM (AP5401/AP5405) and attached servers?



The maximum length of Ethernet cabling that can be used is 500 feet (150 meters).

Here is some additional information that will help in determining what type of Ethernet cable that will help:
  • The APC IP/Cat 5 KVM switches require the use of all 8 wires (4 pairs), 3 bi-directional (+/-) pairs for RGB (Red, Green, & Blue) video and 1 bi-directional pair for serial Keyboard/Mouse traffic.
  • If you wish to use Ethernet patch panels with the APC IP/Cat5 KVM to server module connections, you must make sure the panels are wired with all 8 wires (4 pairs).

Supported Ethernet Cables:
  • CAT5 or greater 100 ohm, UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cabling
  • CAT5 or greater 100 ohm, FTP (Foil Twisted Pair**) cabling
**FTP cabling must be properly grounded or unintentional noise will be introduced into the environment causing signal and video loss.

If you have any additional questions with regards to the cabling required, please reference the products User Manual and/or Online Guide.