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How do I upgrade the firmware on my Cat5/IP KVM Switch (AP5401/AP5405)?




How do I upgrade the firmware on my Cat5/IP KVM Switch (AP5401/AP5405)?

Product Line

  • Rack Accessories - KVM Switches
    • AP5401 (discontinued)
    • AP5405 (discontinued)

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions


General information


Please follow these instructions for upgrading the firmware on your Cat5/IP KVM switch. These steps pertain only to the AP5401 and AP5405 switches.
  1. Download the firmware from the Software Downloads page on (Contact technical support if the file is unavailable on
  2. Create a directory on your FTP and upload the software to the new directory.
  3. Log into your KVM and click on Management/Firmware Upgrade.
  4. Populate all fields with the following:
    1. FTP Site - IP Address of your FTP server.
    2. Username/Password - Username and Password required to gain access to your FTP server.
    3. Pathname and Filename - The full path to the firmware on your FTP server, including the name given to the firmware.
    4. Run Checksum can be left as no.
  5. Click Upgrade Now.

The KVM will now attempt to upgrade the firmware. This process may take a couple of minutes. Once the upgrade is complete, a pop up window will appear informing you that the upgrade is complete. Once complete, reboot the KVM. To reboot the KVM, click on Management/Reboot. Now click the Reboot button.

If you experience trouble with this process, log into the KVM via Hyperterminal/Telnet/SSH. Once logged in, change directories to the following: /proc/flash.

Once you have switched to the /proc/flash directory, FTP to your FTP server. Once logged into your FTP server, change to the directory where you saved the KVM firmware.

Note: Commands are case sensitive and backspace will not work correctly in this interface.

Once in the new directory, enter the following commands:

  • bin<press enter>
  • hash<press enter>
  • get<space><firmware file name><space>zImage<press enter>
You should see hashmark (#) activity during the upgrade. Once complete, you will be at an FTP prompt. Type bye and you will exit out of your FTP server. You should now be in your KVM. Type saveconf to be safe and then type reboot. Your KVM will now reboot.

The firmware upgrade should be complete.

If you experience any trouble with these steps, please contact APC Technical Support.