Does the IP KVM Gateway (AP5456) work with all APC Analog KVM Switches?




AP5456 IP KVM Gateway Compatibility

Product Line
  • KVM Switches
    • AP5456 IP KVM Gateway (discontinued)

  • All installation scenarios


The IP KVM Gateway is designed to make your analog KVM switch accessible over IP.


The IP KVM Gateway works in-line with your analog KVM so that the servers connected to the KVM are now accessible over the Internet.

APC Analog KVM Switch part numbers include:
  • AP9254
  • AP9258
  • AP9278
  • AP5201
  • AP5202
The AP5201 and AP5202 are supported models. However, some units manufactured before 2006 may not work properly due to older firmware. Problems may include no signal, distorted signal, and hung interfaces.

If you come across this problem, download the latest firmware for the AP5201/02 from