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How do I upgrade the firmware on my Console Port Server (AP9301/AP9302/AP9303)?



The CPS may lose the IP address so the user may have to configure it again. The default username/password is root/apc. After login run 'wiz' to start the default configuration script.

You will need to upload the firmware file to an FTP or TFTP server.

Once uploaded, follow these steps to uploading the latest firmware:
  1. Log in to the APC Console Port Server as root. Provide the root password if requested. 
  2. Go to the /proc/flash directory using the following command: cd /proc/flash
  3. FTP to the host where the new firmware is located. Log in using your username and password. Go to the directory where the firmware is located. Select binary transfer and “get” the firmware file.
# ftp
ftp> open <x.x.x.x>
ftp> Username: <username>
ftp> Password: <password>
ftp> cd /tftpboot
ftp> bin
ftp> get <filename of the file extracted to the ftp or tftp server> zImage
ftp> quit

NOTE: The destination file name in the /proc/flash directory must be zImage.

In the below example:
(hostname/IP = x.x.x.x; directory = /tftpboot;)

NOTE: Due to space limitations, the new zImage file may not be downloaded with a different name, then renamed. The APC Console Port Server searches for a file named zImage when booting and there is no room in flash for two zImage files. 

  1. Issue the command reboot. # reboot
  2. Confirm that the new Linux kernel has taken over. After rebooting, the new Linux kernel will take over. This can be confirmed by typing the following to see the Linux kernel version: # cat /proc/version
In some cases, new options are added that are included in a firmware upgrade. It is advisable that you reset your Console Port Server to factory defaults after performing a firmware upgrade, to ensure that all new features work correctly. Please note that resetting to defaults will cause all current settings to be lost, including IP configurations.

In order to reset the CPS to defaults, if your firmware version is before 2.6.0:

# echo 0 > /proc/flash/script
and then type
# reboot
If your firmware version is 2.6.0 or higher:

# echo 0 > /mnt/flash/script
and then type
# reboot

Once you have rebooted, log into the Console Port Server and verify that the unit accepted the new firmware.