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What are the stand alone short circuit current ratings on the LC1D** contactors?



Tesys D SCCR

Product Line:
Contactors and Overload Relays

TeSys™ D Contactors and Overload Relays
The contactors have a stand alone withstand rating that has been established by UL and is based on the maximum horsepower rating for a given device. However, only combination type starters are supplied with short circuit protective devices having a short circuit current rating.

They are as follows:
Horsepower SCCR (A)

0 thru 1 1,000
1 thru 50 5,000
51 thru 200 10,000
201 thru 400 18,000
401 thru 600 30,000
601 thru 900 42,000
901 thru 1600 85,000
1601+ 100,000