Can you get an external keypad on a NEMA 3R E-FLEX drive?



Can you get an external remote keypad on a NEMA 3R E-Flex drive?

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Altivar E-Flex drives

NEMA 3R only E-Flex drives

Needs to order an NEMA 3R -E-Flex drive with a remote keypad display mounted on the door. 

If you order a NEMA 3R E-Flex drive there is not an option to add a external mounted remote HMI.   The reason is that the keypad its self it not UV protected from the sun rays.   If your customer needs to order a NEMA 3R unit with a remote mounted keypad mounted on the door another option would be the Field Drive which is NEMA 3R rated with a protective cover over the remote mounted keypad display. 

The Field Drives instruction bulletin is 30072-454-01 its also attached to this KB article. 

CTA-ID : 2047133